Self Improvement in 8 Simple Steps

Those who are able to hack their mind to improve their self-confidence, self-esteem and energy begin with the very simple first step: introspection.

Step 1: Baby Steps

The first micro-action to begin improving your life is to begin with introspection. Open a new note on your iPhone’s notepad and write down the top 10 things in your life to be grateful, worthy and thankful for.

Step 2: Goal Setting


Create a vision board with goal oriented, actionable milestone. Buy a whiteboard or a framed corkboard and pin up pictures that represent or symbolize the experiences, feelings and possessions that you want to attract into your life, and place them onto your vision board.

Step 3: Give to Give, Not to Receive


Be contentious about begin more positive in your everyday interactions with your friends, colleagues and family. Your love, generosity and even smile will begin attracting people who will reciprocate the same great respect for you. Starting believing in the law of attraction, that “like attracts like”; your positive actions will soon start attracting people and experiences that bring back the same positive actions to you.

Step 4: Make Meditation a Habit


10 minutes of daily meditation will help reduce stress, increase focus and improve your overall mood. Either download HeadSpace for iPhone or Android, or just schedule 10 minutes everyday to practice meditation (don’t overthink it, in fact, don’t think at all . . . just cut all the distractions and try to focus on yourself for 10 minutes).

Step 5: Inner Love


Recognize how great and unique you are! No matter what has happened in the past, recognize that you have limitless potential! Disassociate any negativity in your life and begin integrating a new ritual in your life by rewarding yourself for small accomplishments (ex: commemorate a good evaluation in school or work with a nice meal or anything really, perhaps put $1 in a jar every time you go to the gym to use towards a new pair of jeans). You will soon develop a great sense of aspiration as you change the way you look at yourself.

Step 6: Healthy Life = Healthy Mind

Woman Drinking Water

Everyone is scared of the word: ‘DIET’, but don’t be. unFOMO is not recommending that you eat Jenny Craig meals, we are rather just proposing that you slowly begin feeding your body more and better fuel. Drink more water, cut out the midday cake, eat more fruits, more greens, anything . . . Just begin making conscious decisions to start feeding your body better, period.

Step 7: Avoid Procrastination


Look, the key to getting things done is to . . . get things done. Recognize that your 1%, super productive friends have a similar plate of tasks that they don’t want to complete but they just get it done. This ranges from everything to cleaning your bathroom to fitness to breaking up with your girlfriend. When you have a task that you need to complete that you don’t necessarily enjoy try not to spend too much time thinking about, just do it otherwise you might talk yourself out of it. Do things that you can do today, train yourself to avoid pushing things for

Step 8: Reach the Deepest Possibility of Potential


Review your entire life, most specifically, review what truly makes you happy, what gets you out of bed in the morning. If you love ballet, then think about ways you can integrate ballet into your everyday life. As Oprah infamously said: “[i]f you align your personality with your purpose, and no one can touch you.” Write this down in your phone, computer and whiteboard: “MY SUPREME MOMENT OF DESTINY AWAITS ME”. Think about this quote every time you have negative thoughts, every time you want to procrastinate, every time you don’t want to complete something on your to-do list . . . your supreme moment of destiny awaits me.

BONUS Step: Keep On, Keep on Improving


Success is no accident. Even those incredibly gifted spend tens of thousands of hours working on improvement. Protip: your brain doesn’t give a f*ck about your dreams, in fact, you are your own worst enemy. What this really means is that success will never be overnight, rather is the summation of quite little actions. Never stop investing in yourself! Always challenge the status quo so you can reach your full potential, obliterate boundaries and push out the edges of what can be.


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