Top 6 Funniest Video Game Trolling Videos of All-Time

Is there anything funnier than hearing the rage of an angry player who’s just been killed? Or the confusion of people on Ventrilo as they here their own voices? The answer? Probably not! An ancient past time, as old as the internet itself, pranking or annoying people on video games (trolling) has become stuff of legend. Here are unFOMO’s 6 funniest videos of all-time:

6. Runescape Anti-Lure with Skype Reaction

The prankster in this video is reverse-trolling a rather tricksy member of his Runescape clan. The young man was invited to the clan and attempts to lure (a Runescape term for leading a player to a PVP area when you are a much higher level than them, but they have a sizeable amount of cash or good items and then proceeding to kill them and take it). The “victim” stealthyseasl is in on it. What happens next is priceless, as the real victim rages and is brought to tears.

5. A Terraforming Nightmare

Second Life is a game in which players are supposed to, well, have a “second life”. Its fanbase are often middle aged and most of the time take it way too seriously. Combine this with player-generated content and you have a very strange game. But this, of course, makes for great trolling. In this video, Daniels is hired to perform some terraforming at a beach resort. Unfortunately for his victim, something goes wrong and the entire place ends up being a mess of sand, water and middle-aged women screaming at him.

4. I’m Just Doing My Job!

King of like second life, the player-base of the original Day of Defeat is angry older people. When JohnStorm, a classic Ventrilo prankster, decides to visit this realm, strange events occur. There are inappropriate images sprayed on the walls, strange sounds from his microphone and one heck of an angry server admin.

3. Nerd Confusion: The Ring

Ah, Ventrilo. The good ol’ VoIP for World of Warcraft. Ventrilo harassing, as it is called, is the act of recording the players voices and playing it back, confusing them, or just playing weird noises or a soundboard. The fact that Ventrilo bans can easily be combatted, and it’s nearly impossible to totally mute someone means that it is prime trolling. One of the greatest examples of this is the infamous “Ring” video, the conclusion to VentertainMe’s “Nerd Confusion” series. Just watch this one, you are guaranteed to be in tears laughing. Three WoW players are confused when one of them saying that they looted a ring in a dungeon is repeated over and over again. It all escalates from there. What makes this one of the greatest is how the guys laugh instead of rage and are just extremely confused.

2. The Home Invasions of Esteban Winsmore

Back to Second Life now, for the second funniest trolling video. In this, Charliezzz enters two homes that do not belong to him, and claims to own it or compliments their house. All the players get EXTREMELY angry. The ability that this prankster has to completely keep a straight face and never crack up, even when the most ridiculous situations are happening (female demon ponies yelling at him in a male Londoner’s accent to leave their house). This small adventuring elf can somehow cause huge arguments to break out.

1. Ventrilo Harassment – Duke Nukem Style

Without a doubt the funniest and greatest trolling video of all time. SuperVideoCompiler, a legend amongst Ventrilo Harassers, ventures into a Lord of the Rings Online Ventrilo Server with Duke Nukem. Without even saying a word, the mother of one of the players goes crazy and demands to know who he is. Duke exclaims that he’s there to kick ass and chew bubblegum and that he’s all out of gum. This drives her over the edge as she explodes with anger, threatening him and challenging him to a fight. She is only made angrier byt the fact that he maintains a cool, calm no-nonsense attitude throughout. As someone once said, Duke Nukem reduced this woman to tears with nothing but his balls of steel.




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