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Top 10 Celebrity Beauty Secrets


Whether you are trying to replicate Mila Kunis’s diffused cat eyes, Megan Fox’s sultry soft smoky eyes or Eva Mendes’s signature two-tone green eyes, be sure to follow the below wisdom from today’s hottest celebrity and celebrity makeup artist with unFOMO’s top 15 tips:

15. Ms. Heidi Klum


I appreciate you Heidi Klum, thanks for all future compliments. Heidi Klum’s famous insanely sexy eyes are the product of dark purple eyeliner! Yes, instead of black or brown eyeliner, use Heidi uses dark purple eyeliner. No one will notice your eyes being particularly purple but rather will compliment you on  popping stunning eyes and will ask you for your secrets (I swear by MAC Eye Shadow in Sketch).

14. Commit to a 3-Step Skincare Regimen 2x Daily


Make no mistake, your favorite celebrity almost never departs from a strict skincare routine. Buy the best face moisturizer your budgets allows (yes, that means you can buy cheaper toner and face wash) and commit to washing, toning and moisturizing your face twice daily, no exceptions.

13. Instant Volume


After your shower, use dry shampoo to instantly volumize your hair (even on the worst of bad hair ways). I have the worst hair genes, but using Klorane dry shampoo always gives me the Jayma Mays big-bodied blowout look to make me red carpet ready.

12. Yellow Nails


If you’re prone to yellow nails after wearing dark nail polish, scrub your toenails with a nail brush and whitening toothpaste. [Weird AF, but . . . ] It will clear your nails in 2 minutes, I swear!

11. Retinoid Cream


If you are prone to breakouts, use non-RX retinoid cream at night on your chin, nose, and forehead. It will smooth our your skin, and help with blackheads!

10. Glowing Skin


To keep your skin from drying out, purchase two different face washes. Buy a heavier gel-based face wash for your evening skincare routine and a lighter milk-based cleanser to retain protecting natural oils for the morning wash.

9. Eat Your Way to Fair and Healthy Skin


If you want beautiful glowing skin like supermodel Gigi Hadid, ditch junk food, sodas and sugary sweets.

8. Blot Oily Skin with Starbucks Napkins


Yes, that is not a typo. They work better than any blotting papers (including the ever so popular Body Shop Tee Tree Oil blotting papers) on the market and they’re completely free.

7. Drink More Water


Simply drinking more water will do wonders for the health of your hair and your skin. Just ask supermodel Miranda Kerr, she drinks and bathes in alkaline H2O.

6. Add Bronzer To Your Moisturizer


To copycat Eva Mende’s infamous perfectly radiant complexion add a touch of bronzer (or liquid foundation) to your favorite face moisturizer (don’t waste your money on “tinted  moisturizer”).

5. Always Use Primer


Be sure you are using a primer under your makeup to ensure it stays put all day long. Kate Beckinsale swears by Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer.

4. Use Oil As a Moisturizeremma-stone

If your skin is sensitive, consider using a nourishing oil to add moisture.  is a fan of olive oil because her fair skin is prone to allergic reactions and sensitivity (I’m no Emma Stone, but I love omega- and antioxidant-rich sea buckthorn seed oil!)

3. DIY: Put Eyeliner In The Freezer


To get the effects of expensive celebrity eyeliners, put the cheapest eyeliner you can buy in the freezer for 10 minutes and apply (thank me later, it will legit be the best eyeliner experience you’ve ever enjoyed).

2. DIY: Use Eyeshadow To Hide Your Roots


Can’t make it to the salon? Hide your roots by dusting them with a little eyeshadow (try to color match it close to your hair color). It’s insanely quick and a technique used by some of your favorite celebrities, including Sarah Jessica Parker.

1. Heat your Lash Curler!


Want stunning curly REAL lashes like Minka Kelly? Yes, you do! We all do . . .  so heat your lash curler under warm water for 30 seconds, it will also help make the curls last twice as long!

unFOMO BONUS: Acne Free Chin

Beauty-Therapy BP

If you’re like me, you breakout in the summer on your chin and jaw line. Honestly, invest travel hand sanitizers. Bacteria from your phone, computer and like everything good in life will make your breakout, so be a summer germophobe and make Purell your BF.

BONUS, BONUS TIP: Acne Free Chin


If your acne persists, apple a 1:1 ratio of unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar:Water as a toner! Use it every other night for 2 weeks (feel free to thank us for your clear skin in the comments below!)




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