Top 10 Weight Loss, Exercise & Fitness Tips


With 2016 around the corner, it is time to start actualizing on your New Years Goals. Whether you want to gain lean muscle or lose weight, use the list below to achieve your ideal body today. unFOMO wants you to reach your goals faster. Use the tips below so you do not give up after the first month. Look, everyone hits the dreaded burnout of fitness and exercise programs, do NOT give up, continue motivating yourself to push through to train your mind to accomplish your goals!

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10.  Optimize Your Workouts

Instead of forcing yourself into a 2hr gym routine with a rigid workout schedule, opt for high-intensity interval training instead. This method allows for the maximum burning of fat in a short amount of time AND without the need for equipment, with just body weight exercises. Trust unFOMO (we wouldn’t lie on the internet)! You’ll be amazed at just how easy it really is when you focus.

Do yourself a favour and buy the P90X DVD Workout – Base Kit. It’s awesome!


9.  Eat more vegetables

You don’t need to go full vegan to reap the benefits of produce in your diet. Begin slowly integrating more vegetables into each meal, even if you need to blend it into your morning smoothie.


8.  Healthy fats are GOOD

Never forget: when you’re starting a new diet, do not make fat your enemy. Keep healthy fats in your everyday day (nuts, oils, fish, seeds, and lean meat cuts). Avocado is especially good for you, despite it being high in fat


7.  Vision Board: Put It in Writing

You can’t just proclaim you are going to lose “x amount” tomorrow. It’s a process; believe in the PROCESS. Research has shown folks to be 8 times as successful when you put your diet goals it into writing. Try to be as detailed and specific as possible about your new change in eating and exercise habits. If you don’t have anything to grade your efforts, then you’ll easily get side-tracked.

Keep detailed weight goals in a notepad on your phone or better yet buy a vision board to keep yourself on track. Your future you will thank you!

6.  Patience: Don’t rush it!

Set your expectations: you will see gradual progress; you will not meet your goals by the end of the first week. This is NORMAL; push yourself to continue. It will take three to four weeks, at a minimum, to see significant changes in muscle tone or weight loss. Sometimes you may even see a false positive, where you lose a bunch of water weight, then nothing after that. Take it slow in your first month.


5.  Plan cheat days

Yes, plan to have a set amount of cheat days per month. If you don’t plan for cheat days, you’ll just end up disappointing yourself in the long run. Cheat days are like little holidays at the end of the month or every two weeks, so that you have something to look forward to and motivate you as your push yourself through your new diet.


4.  Learn to cook more

Although you may hate to cook or consider yourself a bad cook, the truth is that you are less likely to be successful with your new diet if you don’t become more involved with the food that you are putting into your body. Go to your local farmer’s market or butcher’s shop and begin experimenting with fresh local produce and meats.


3.  Invest in Accessories: Wear a uniform

This is a proven psychological trick to allow you to train the mind to enjoy exercising. Buy yourself a nice outfit to wear when you workout. Throw out your old high school tank top and gym shoes; invest in an a few outfits you will enjoy wearing. Your friends and colleagues that already have committed to a regular workout schedule may not need to purchase new outfits, but do yourself the favor and take action on this tip. When you are are starting a new journey, you need the visual motivation to keep focused.


Source: Instagram; Jen Selter

2.  Workout Partner & Support System

What better way to stay motivated than to have a workout partner and support system. It has been proven that having a friend or family member will give you a 55% better chance at meeting your fitness goals.



1.  Use Instagram

People may view social media as an evil narcissism trap, but it will be a great tool to help you meet your fitness goals. Making a public record of your progress is the ultimate in confidence-boosting. Despite your fears, you will see that your feedback will be overwhelmingly positive. Remember: you’re not alone in this journey.



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