Top 15 Ways to Land Any Job

Competition in the job market is fierce. To stand out, be confident and answer interview questions with insight, passion and creativity.

To help you land your dream job, unFOMO has prepared a list of the top 15 tips to impress any interviewer:

15. Know yourself and what you want

The first thing to consider before going for an interview is to know yourself and identify what you want. This is the common mistake that most jobseekers fail to do. You need to be articulate and show self-confidence; so prepare to speak about everything on your resume. Most interviews begin with “walk me through your resume”. Rehearse your answer to this in front of the mirror.


Know Your Resume Cold

14. Collect work samples and work references

This is important so that you can easily build a career portfolio that you can use for any interview.


13. Develop stories that show excellence

Almost every interview begins with behavioral questions. Research shows that interviewers respond best when you answers include specific stories of your accomplishments that show your expertise and passion for the space.


12. Research the interviewer

To be more confident and comfortable during the interview, a week before the interview call the company and ask for the contract name of the interviewer. Then, google, facebook and linkedin search the interviewer. Try to learn as much as you can about the interviewer so you can best prepare yourself for success. At the very least, make sure you can pronounce his/her name correctly!


11. Know more about the employer and the open position

Spend at least 2 hours researching everything you can about 1) the company and 2) the position. To the extent possible, try to find similar job postings for other companies and compare the job descriptions. No company will hire you if you can’t answer the basics “tell us what you know about the company” and “tell us why you would be a good fit for the role” questions.


10. Prepare and practice for the interview

To lower interview anxiety, make sure you practice either in front of a mirror, a friend or even a camera.

Woman looking in to the mirror

9. Body Language

Whether you are interviewing for an engineering job at Apple, barista job at Starbucks or a product role at Google, companies want you to be detail oriented. During the interview, be conscientious about all details of your body language. Try your best NOT bite your nails, play with your hair or showing nervous ticks.


8. Dress for success

Your physical appearance does matter to ace the interview. One week before the interview call the company and for the office dress code. It will show focus, attention to detail and passion. The night before, prepare everything so you adhere to the dress code (if business formal, make sure your tie, suit, socks and shoes are ready (for men) or pantsuit (or alike), socks and shoes are ready (for females).


7. Have extra copies of your CV

Prepare yourself in case the interviewer misplaced your resume.


6. Arrive early

To make you more relaxed for the interview, arrive at least 30 minutes before the schedule.


5. Be Social – Greet everyone

Once you arrive for the interview, greet everyone with utmost respect from the receptionist to the interviewer.


4. First Impressions

It is cliche, but it is true, first impressions do last. Begin the interview with a firm handshake, eye contact and smile.


3. Strong Close

A typical interview will end with: “do you have any questions for us?”. Plan ahead here. The general rule of thumb is to ask 3 questions. Try to ask questions that show you have researched the company.


2. The Art of the Follow-Up

Send a thank you note to each of the interviewers 12 – 24 hours after the interview. If there is no follow up from the company 5 – 7 business, follow up yourself; it shows initiative and drive. In the long run, you will always be rewarded for showing initiative.

Thank you note with smiley face , isolated on white

1. Your Online Presence

Nowadays HR will run a comprehensive online search about YOU! Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date (add testimonials); make your Facebook photos private and depending on the job considering creating a blog to show passion.



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