World of Warcraft: Top 5 Easiest Mounts


In World of Warcraft, mounts are one of the most important things in the game. Not only do they allow you to get around easier and faster, but they can be used to aid combat, and quests. Not to mention, who doesn’t like going to Stormwind or Orgrimmar and showing off their latest steed? All too often, mounts can be extremely difficult to obtain. However, to aid ever adventurer that needs a new companion, here are 5 of the easiest mounts to get in WoW.

5. Flame Talon of Alysrazor


This mount is located is an epic ground mount that is dropped by Alysrazor in the dungeon Firelands. This dungeon can easily be ran solo. To get to the dungeon, go to Mount Hyjal in Kalimdor, and then look for the dungeon portal (hint: it’s hard to miss). Once you’re in, just run over to Alysrazor and kill her. This boss fight should be fairly easy if you’re over level 90. The drop chance is quite low, but the mount looks great and is well worth some time and patience.

4. Pureblood Fire Hawk


Also located in Firelands, the Pureblood Fire Hawk is a flying mount that you can get by killing Ragnaros. You have to clear out the entire instance, which may be slightly challenging, but at any level after 90 Ragnaros is easy to kill. The mount will nearly always drop after the boss fight so it’s well worth it, especially with how awesome it looks.

3. Fiery Warhorse


This mount is ridiculously easy to get. It will take about 1 minute to get. It is located in Karazahn, near the Swamp of Sorrows, on the border with Darkshire. If you are over level 70, you can 1-hit every single enemy in the dungeon, then kill this boss and you will get the “Fiery Warhorse reigns”. The mount isn’t as rare as other mounts and is fairly fast (as well as looking great).

2. Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent


Slightly more difficult (but still easy for a mount) is the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent. If you have a hunter or you are a high level, this mount is worth it. If you are melee, this boss is not that easy but can still be beaten. To get this mount, you must defeat the Sha of Anger, which is a world boss in Mists of Pandaria. This will take some trial and error and it may be worth looking up some guides or even doing it with some friends, but once you get the mount the effort will have been worth it!

1. Ashes of Al’ar


The final mount on this list is located in Tempest Keep. You will have to kill Kael’thas Sunstrider, who is the final boss of The Eye. This boss is one of the most challenging in the Burning Crusade (but also very enjoyable). The drop chances are low, so you will have to run this a fair amount but to get this mount, which is one of the fastest in the game, it is extremely rewarding.




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