Top 10 Highest Domestic Grossing Films of All Time


We loved it as much as you did so we had to give an honorable mention to the awesome JJ Abrams film, Star Wars The Force Awakens, which already is ranked as the eleventh highest grossing film of all time!

10. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – $948M

The first ever feature-length cartoon ranks in at #10 on unFOMO’s lists. In 1937, when it was released, it grossed $184,925,486 (or $909M, adjusted for inflation).


9. The Exorcist – $962M

The Exorcist put horror movies on the map in a big way. It was the first film to use the young ‘creepy young girl’ to scare the audience to death.


8. Doctor Zhivago – $1.080M

This film about the Russian Revolution was a huge success in the West, but was banned from Russia until 1994. Doctor Zhivago grossed $111,721,910 in 1965, which adjusted to $1,035,289,700 when adjusted for inflation!!


7. Jaws – $1.115M

The film that gave birth to the term Hollywood blockbuster grossed over $1 billion in today dollars, or $260,000,000 in 1977.


6. The Ten Commandments – $1.140M

50s cinema gave birth to countless epic films, including this high-grossing depiction of The Ten Commandments. In 1956, The Ten Commandments grossed $65M, but that adjusts to a whopping $1,092,540,000 in today’s currency.


5. Titanic – $1.178M

Despite, the film was over budget and delayed several times, many thought it would bankrupt the studios involved, it ranks fifth for the highest grossing domestic film of all-time!


4. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial – $1.234M

Steve Spielberg’s classic set records that still hold to this day.


3. The Sound of Music – $1.239M

The third highest grossing movie of all time is also one of the best musicals of all time.


2. Original Star Wars – $1.550M

The original Star Wars set new records that paved the way for countless movies to copy the same format and framework, but none came close to replicating its success.


1. Gone with the Wind – $1.750M

The all-time highest film of all time still goes to the 1939 film, Gone with the Wind.



Article current as of: 02/01/2016



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