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TOP 5 Best Android FPS Games on Google Play


No need to stress your thumbs navigating through the almost 2M Google Play Games/Apps, here are unFOMO’s top 5 best First Player Shooting (FPS) Games available right now on Android:

5. Modern Combat 5: Blackout


Already one of the most popular games for Android, MC5 has a lot going for it. Especially so now that it is completely free, the first in the series to do so. For a mobile game, the graphics are fantastic and you can easily immerse yourself. There is a multiplayer mode and a storyline. The missions are great and creative. This is great if you have a device to play it on like NVIDIA Shield.

4. Dead Trigger 2


If you’re into zombie games, then Dead Trigger 2 is a must have. The graphics are stunning, the weapons are fun and the physics are surprisingly realistic. The storyline is constantly evolving and there are updates nearly all the time with brand new content, this game is great if you just want to shoot some zombies for a bit without too much thought. Also look out for “Unkilled”, a game by the same developers coming out this summer.

3. Call of Duty: Strike Team

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A Call of Duty game on Android? It’s real! The world’s most popular FPS franchise came to mobile in 2013. As it was developed by Activision and the CoD developers, the years of experience in the genre all build up to make a fantastic game. It doesn’t have a deep storyline or the best graphics but if you’re looking just to pick up a game for a bit and be entertained why you wait for the train or bus, then this is for you. Features 1st and 3rd person modes.

2. Fields of Battle


Unlike many other games in this list, you’re not killing soldiers or exploding zombies, but rather using harmless paintballs! Much more deep and tactical than most other games on the Play store, Fields of Battle will force you to think and use skill to complete missions. Just like the game in real life, the battles are fast paced and have a one hit elimination rule. The developers say the motion controls are ground breaking and revolutionary, which may be a slight stretch but never the less it’s a refreshing change from the majority of other Android games.

FIRST PLACE!: Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour


The best FPS game on Android is MC4: Zero Hour. The graphics are stunning, and somehow it manages to feel like a PC or console game, even though you’re playing it on a far less graphically advanced device. Similar to Call of duty and Battlefield, MC4 takes inspiration from the very best of shooters and creates the ultimate mobile game experience. The storyline is great fun and will make you care about it at most times, which is a huge thing to be said for an Android game. This game is proof that if companies aren’t greedy and do actually put effort into their apps, mobile games can be as fun and rewarding as console or PC ones.


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