Top 5 Unintentionally Hilarious Video Game Commercials


What were Sega, Playstation and Nintendo’s Marketing teams thinking? It beats us, that is for certain LOL! The below 5 commercials are memorable for all for the wrong reasons! Here are unFOMO’s top 5 unintentionally hilarious game commercials:

5th Place: Luigi’s Haunted Mansion (Gamecube)

A new Mario game from Nintendo on their new system! What could be more exciting?! Well, surely they would need an awesome advertisement to get the word out and get an entire new generation of players! It turns out they did, but made possibly one of the weirdest commercials ever. Basically, while a man is edging closer to a girl on a red couch, she turns into a cube and he falls into Luigi’s mansion before a voice tells him he has to save Mario in one night. Who knows what Nintendo were aiming for with this, but it turned out being uncomfortable and cringey.

4th Place: Super Mario World (SNES)

In this commercial for what was to be the latest and most ground-breaking Mario game yet, the voiceover informs us that the game will be “a bit more” of a lot of things. From the opening lightning and thunder that the SNES logo explodes out of to the electric guitar music and things like “a bit more revolutionary”, we probably thought it was awesome at the time but looking at it now we can’t help but smile.

3rd Place: Wii would like to play (Wii)

See a trend emerging? Nintendo seems to enjoy putting out weird ads. In this rather strange commercial, a family opens their door to find the CEOs of Nintendo at their door holding a Wiimote and asking to play with them. It all ends up coming off unintentionally funny and a tiny bit racist. But hey, what else are you going to do to advertise your new console?

2nd Place: Super Mario Kart (SNES)

Once again a hugely over enthusiastic commercial for the SNES, this aims to inform us of the newest Mario Kart game. Unlike many of the other commercials, this one actually features gameplay but what is happening on screen doesn’t actually seem to link up with what is being screamed at us by the commentator. It’s best to end on this quote, “Two speeds! FAST and WAY TOO FAST!”.

1st Place . . . Legend of Zelda (NES)

Nintendo, one question . . . WTF? Nintendo featured the stereotypical skater and 90s nerdy teen sitting on a sofa, reading a Nintendo newsletter then as soon as the game goes in and the NES has been plugged, the cool kid breaks out into a random rap about the game. Nintendo may not have intended this to funny but this clip always make my cheeks hurt from laughing.




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